(example of prefix)unkind, react, mislay, prefix. (ex. of suffix)dangerous, hopeless, happiness, reasonable
word prefix new word

un- unhappy
cultural multi- multicultural
work over- overwork
space cyber- cyberspace
market super- supermarket
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Prefixes & suffixesPrefixesPrefixs are added to the beginning of a word to make a new word, eg mis+take. Some common prefixes are 'mis', 'dis', 're', 'for', 'anti', 'ante', 'sub', 'un' and 'in'. New words are made by placing a prefix in front of a word. It is helpful to know the meanings of prefixes. Prefix 're' means again, therefore reappear means to appear again.Common prefix meaningspre - beforemis - bad(ly)sub - underinter - betweensemi - half
The following prefixes of 'im', 'ir', 'il', 'in' and 'un' can be added to the beginning of words to make them into a negative.Examplesim + possible = impossibleir + responsible = irresponsibleil + legal = illegalin + active = inactiveun + happy = unhappySuffixesLetters added to the end of a main word are called suffixes. Common suffixes are: 'ed', 'ful', 'ly', 'ing', 'able', 'ance', 'ence', 'ness'.Example harm + less = harmless. When 'full' is added to a word you drop the final 'l'. If you add 'ly' to any word ending with 'ful' you keep the existing 'l'.Examplehand + full = handfulrest + full = restfulrestful + ly = restfully
In prefix, a- or an-,ante-,anti-,auto-,circum-,co-,com-,con-,contra-,de-,dis-,en-,ex-,extra-,hetero-,homo-,hyper-,il-,im-,in-,ir-,inter-,intra-,macro-,micro-,mono-,non-,omni-,post-,pre-,pro-,sub-,syn-,trans-,tri-,un- and uni-.