You're the lead engineer of a three storey commercial building being constructed in your town.the main entrance of the building is 3m above the ground. A ramp leading to the main entrance is to built 7m away from the base of the building. The owner of the building asked you to submit a written report that contu the ffg.(A) the information about the length of the ramp; (b) the angle that the ramp should make the ground;(c) the list of the material s needed; and the design of the ramp which should consider features on functionality. Provision for people w/ dis abilities and analyze your report, hence, it should be detailed, complete, organized and have correct computations



The dominance of steel in the multi-storey commercial sector is based on tangible client-related benefits including the ability to provide column free floor spans, efficient circulation space, integration of building services, and the influence of the site and local access conditions on the construction process. For inner city projects, speed of construction and minimum storage of materials on-site require a high level of pre-fabrication, which steel-framed systems can provide.
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