A woman is in the supermarket so she can buy some vegetables and fruits. After buying and paying, she went to her friend's house so she can hang out. For a couple of hours of hanging out, she finally went home so she can cook for her dinner, before she went to her house, she went to reach for her pocket to grab her keys, but she panicked because her wallet is missing.

How to solve it? Do these following steps;
1.) State the problem. What have you observed?
She noticed that her wallet is missing.

2.) Research the situation/problem. Or think of what she did for the day.
She remembered she went to a supermarket to buy some vegetables and fruits, then went to her friend's house to hang out.

3.) Make a hypothesis. A hypothesis or a tentative answer, which means to make a 'temporary' answer.
'If I went to the supermarket to buy vegetables and fruits, then I probably left my wallet there'

4.) Test your hypothesis. 
She went back to the supermarket to see if her wallet is on the supermarket. She found out that her wallet is actually on the counters in the supermarket.

5.) Conclusion. Finalize the situation.
Her wallet was actually in the supermarket.

Hopefully this helped! 
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