Gaze upon those two metallic orbs,
Then you will see wonderland.
Gaze upon those eyes
The world will be in your hand.

Her eyes held the whole cosmos. It twinkles and it shines like a disco ball. Full of lights and lively.
But, but that was before. Life isn't about butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes, it's all about hurricanes and tornadoes.

Agony flashed through her splinted eyes. The wind was cold, harsh and unforgiving. The moonlight coming through the window casted an eerie glow to her pale face. A ghost of smile appeared on her lips and then she uttered a weak goodbye.

That night, I cried myself to sleep with a dose of disappointment and a barrel of shame. I missed my chance to save her. I let her go.

No matter how many detours we take
Our feet would always lead us to stake
And death will give us a hug
Welcoming us with a slight thug.

Her life is one of those Nicholas Sparks' novels. Sweet and endearing
Romantic and appealing.
But the sad thing,
There's always a tragic ending.

Her memories are etched in my heart. She will always be remembered. And I will love her until I crumble to dust.