Stirring rod- it is used for stirring chemicals
beaker- it is used to measure chemicals/ liquids in large amounts
test tube- it is used to hold chemicals
test tube holder- it is used to hold test tubes while performing an experiment
test tube rack- it is used to store test tubes
alcohol lamp- used in heating substances
magnifying glass- it is used to see things up close that is a little visible to the eye
microscope- it is used to see things or creatures that can't be seen using the naked eye.
safety goggles- to keep your eyes safe while performing an experiment
graduated cylinder - used to measure liquids in small amounts
dropper pipete- used to transfer liquids in very small amounts
erlenmayer flask- used to hold substances or used to pour substances
scientific thermometer- used to measure the temperature of liquids
bunsen burner- used to heat substances
evaporating dish- used on top of the flame for liquids to evaporate leaving a solid residue
forceps- used to pick up small objects
watch glass- to hold solids/ liquids as being weighed
balance- for measuring liquids / solids
funnel- for pouring liquids into a small mouthed container
mortar & pestle- used to grind materials