Mike, along with his friend Emilio, often (help, helps) out at the bakery on weekends. help
 Many senators, but not the senator from Idaho, (support, supports) the tobacco bill. supports
 The moon, not the stars, (are, is) visible on a night like this. are
 A carpenter, together with an electrician and a painter, (are, is) working on the new wing of the hospital. are
 The city manager, along with five committee members, (have, has) approved the street’s name change. have
 A long list of telephone numbers (were, was) the only clue they had. was
 You, not I, (am, are) invited to the presidential inauguration. is
 One page of the photographs (were, was) printed upside down. were
 Many miles of Australia’s southwest coast (is, are) treeless. are