Mahalaga ito para sa paghahanda ng mga estudyante sa kanilang mga profession sa buhay, may malaking advantage ang k to 12 curriculum sa paghahanda dahil mas na-eenhance nito yung mga mag-aaral
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Well, the k-12 means knowlege about in 12 years studying.Not unlike in elementary department they have BEC (basic education curriculum),they have an average score and they convert their scores.In k-12 curriculum,they have the KPUP process which means,K-means knowledge,P-means process,U-means understanding and the last P-means product or performances.The knowledge means that you still memorized or remember what have been said,you will also know how to identify,memorize,study fast and learn fast.The process means you process the knowledge you have been talked about.You understand on what is being said to knowledge but the process has an activity to do to know that particular problem.Then U means understanding,when you read,you understand what being said,you study the Knowledge and the process then you formulate a new consequences on that particular problem.These are like essay,story writing,understanding the lesson and formulating the problem.And the last is the P
which means product or performances.By the word itself(performances),it means the creativity or the project you have done
Theses are like arts,musics,role playing,singing,performing,contests.Those are part of P.
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