A rectangular metal manhole with an are of 0.5m² is situated Along cemented path way the leng of pathway is 8m longer than its width Q#1- how are u going to reprsent the lngth and width of patway hw about its area Q#2- what xpression would rpsent the area of cmnted pthway Q#3- suppose the area of cmnted pathway portion is 19.5m² wat equation dscribe itsko area Q#4- how will u find the lenght and width of pathway



A.) L= 8 +w; 
area pATHWAY= [8+w]w
b.) area pathway= [8+w]w- area manhole;
c.) actual area pathway= [19.5]-.5
d.) 19.5=w^2+8w
  by quadratic formula : w=[ -8+-/64+78]/2;
                                      w= -8+12]/2=2;