The rotation of the earth affects everything, especially, life in different ways. It causes day and night which makes organisms to have to adjust when to have their activities. Second, the axis rotation of the earth is tilted about 22-24° degrees. the tilt of the axis of the rotation causes the seasons(summer, spring, autumn, and winter). when the axis is tilted towards the sun, the northern hemisphere has summer (and southern hemispher has winter); when the axis is tilted away from the sun, the southern hemisphere has summer (and northern hemispher has winter); for short, vice versa. the tilt of the axis is not fixed and varies a little bit over 41,000 years. the axis rotation also wobbles (rotates) every 26,000 years . the rotation of the earth around the sun is elliptical and also changes how elleptical it is with the cycle of 100,000 years. the rotation of the earth, and the changes in the way it rotates on its own axis around the sun affect climate on earth and how organisms have to adjust in their daily activities.

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