Applied Sociology -Social Organization - This refers to social institutions, social groups, social inequality, social mobility, religious groups, and bureaucracy.These are the examples of social organizations: social institutions, social groups, social inequality, religious groups and bureaucracy.
Social Psychology - This refers to human nature and its focus on social processes as they affect the individual.The observations in their emotions, attitudes, perceptions and culture in there community, school market and church.
Social Change - This studies ecological changes, population, migration, technological change, new production techniques,culture change, political processes, social transformation, modernization, mass communication, and the impact of natural disaster.Population - This studies 
size, growth, demographic characteristics, as well as corruption, migration, changes vis-à-vis economic, political and social systems. 
Applied Sociology -
This is concerned with resolving social problems through sociological research.
Sociological Theory and Research - This is a set of statements that seeks to explain problems, actions or behavior; or the discovery and developmentof research that tests the validity, applicability and usefulness of the results of the investigation for the improvement of life.