Manuel Luis Molina Quezón (b. August 19, 1878 in Baler, Aurora, Philippines - d. August 1, 1944 in Saranac Lake, New York, United States), known as the "Father of the Philippine Republic" and the "Father of the Philippine National Language", was the first Filipino president of the Commonwealth of the Philippinesunder U.S. rule in the early 20th century. However, he is considered by most Filipinos as the second President after Emilio Aguinaldo, whose República Filipinadid not receive international recognition at the time and who therefore was not considered the first Philippine president by the United States. Quezón is also called the “Father of Philippine Independence” for his efforts in pushing for the independence of the Philippines from American rule.

Quezón has the distinction of being the first Senate President elected to the presidency, the first president elected through a national election, and the first incumbent to secure re-election (for a partial second term, later extended, due to amendments to the 1935 Constitution).