Earth's upper mantle is a highly viscous layer, with a capacity up to 600 kilometers, which lies between the crust and lower mantle of the Earth. The upper boundary that separates the upper mantle of the Earth's crust is defined by sudden increase in seismic velocity (which was first noted by Andrija Mohorovichich in 1909) - it is the Moho discontinuity (Moho). Moho is located at a depth of 5 to 70 kilometers from the Earth's surface. The uppermost mantle plus overlying crust are relatively rigid and form the lithosphere, an irregular layer with a maximum thickness of about 200 km.
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The special feature of upper mantle is called Asthenosphere it is a weak layer the has a cability to flow.
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The has a cability to flow?? It that's Right !
it should be " that has a capability to flow." hoping for your consideration , an honest mistake. :)
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