Acrisius OracleGrandson will kill him. Comes true when Perseus is invited to participate in athletic games. Perseus throws a discus that hits and kills AcrisiusAegeusKing of AthensAmores(Ovid) LovesAndromedaDaughter of King Cephus. Condemned to be sacrificed to a sea monster because of the hubris of Cassiopeia, her mother. Engaged to Phineus. Marries Perseus after he slays the monsterAriadneMinos' daughter. Helps Theseus by giving him Ariadne's string to find his way in/out of the Labyrinth. Flees with him after he kills the MinotaurArs AmatoriaA handbook on seduction of a woman written by Ovid for which he was exiled by Augustus who was trying to promote family valuesAthena (in Daedalus)Saves Perdix by turning him into a bird as Daedalus pushes him off a roof. Daedalus then is banished and flees to Crete to become King Minos' engineerAthena (in Perseus)Helps Perseus visit Atlas the TitanAtlasTitan who tells Perseus where to find the GraiaeCarmen et ErrorWritten by Ovid. May refers to Julia's (Augustus' daughter) sexual misbehavior (with Agrippa). It was a "mistake" because Ovid either chose to tell about these misbehaviors, or to hold them in (it is unknown which he did)CassiopeiaAndromeda's Mother. Bragged about Andromeda's great beautyDaedalus (meaning)Skilled/CraftsmanDanaeAcrisius' daughter, locked up. Impregnated by Zeus in the form of a shower of gold coins. Gives birth to PerseusDictysFisherman at Seriphos that rescues Perseus and Danae. Brother of King PolydectesEpistulae ex Ponto(Ovid) Letters from PontusFasti(Ovid) works about holidays on the Roman calendar from January-June (only 6 months on the Roman calendar)Graiae3 sisters who share an eye and a tooth. "Grey Ones". Tell Perseus the location of the Stygian nymphsHeroides(Ovid) letters from jilted women to their loversIcarusSon of Daedalus (imprisoned for helping Ariadne), uses wings built by his father to escape imprisonment with him in Crete. Flies too close the sun, melting his wings, and plunges into the sea (and dies), then called the Icarian seaKing AcrisiusArgos, Greece. Wants a son so goes to oracle who tells him that his grandson will kill him. Locks up daughter DanaeKing CephusOf Ethiopia. Father of AndromedaKing CocalusAccepts Minos' trick and makes Daedalus, his newly acquired engineer, figure out how to thread a shell (he uses an ant). Minos then figures out that Cocalus is sheltering Daedalus and demands him back as punishment. Cocalus kills Minos in a boiling bathKing Minos(of Crete) Had asked Neptune for a sign to solidify his power in Crete so Neptune sends him a gorgeous white bull. Cretans accept Minos, but Minos substitutes a lesser bull in place of the white bull to sacrifice to NeptuneKing Polydectes(of Seriphos) Wants to marry Danae and tricks Perseus into bringing him the gorgon's/Medusa's head as a wedding giftLabyrinthMaze in the palace of Knossos, Crete. Sir Arthur Evans excavated it and found many double axes there - LabrusMetamorphoseswritten by Ovid. An epic poem about mythological changes in 15 books, all written in dactylic hexameter (Strawberry Shortcake)Minotaur"Half-Bull" and half human. Concealed in a labyrinth built by Daedalus and feeds upon 7 virgins of nobility and 7 of the best noble men of AthensNeptuneWhen Minos does not sacrifice the white bull to him, he takes revenge by causing Pasiphae to fall in love with the bullPasiphaeMinos' wife. Falls in love with the bull. Uses a phony bull built by Daedalus to mate with the bull and the Minotaur is bornPegasusWinged horse that sprung from Medusa's blood that Perseus uses to fly homePerdix"Partridge" Daedalus' nephew, surpassing Daedalus in inventing. From the acropolis in AthensPerseusSon of Danae. Floats in a chest through the sea with Danae to Seriphos (island). Kills Medusa, mounts Pegasus, slays monster in Ethiopia for Andromeda and marries her. Returns home to Polydectes and Danae's wedding and kills the king and all his comradesPhineusMan Andromeda was engaged to. Stormed the wedding feast (of Perseus and Andromeda), so Perseus had to turn all the suitors to stone with the head of MedusaPublius Ovidius NasoA poet who tells this story of Daedalus and Icarus in the Metamorphoses (changes). Born in Sulmo on March 20, 43 B.C. and died in 17 A.D.. Exiled by Augustus for writing the Ars Amatoria. Died in exile in Tomi/Romania and was never forgiven for writing Carmen et ErrorRemedia Amores(Ovid) Remedy/cure for loveStygian NymphsNympths of the Styx River. Gave Perseus three gifts: sack, winged shoes, and a cap of invisibilityTheseusAegeus's son. Sent to be fed to the Minotaur, but goes with the mission of killing the Minotaur. Successfully kills the Minotaur and flees with Ariadne.
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Deadalus thought of the saftey of his and his son. Daedalus was a loving and thoughtful father that he thought of a way to escape the place and to protect his son from the crueltyu of the kng
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