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Rhythm: the duration of sound (how long or short the notes are)
-rhythm has tree parts 
melody: the tune: an organized sequence of pitches
there are two kinds of melody
harmony: the combination of two or more pitches
timbre: tone colour/ tone quality

form:the structure of music

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Elements of music
Melody-a sequence of single note;the main,prominent line or voice in a piece of music,the line that the listener follows most closely
Rythm-notes of different durations are organised into patterns
Harmony-is the succesion of chords.Chords are two or more notes that are played at the same time
Timbre-the quality of the sound,or "colour"of a sound and often refers to different instruments
Form-orders ofevents in a piece of music
Dynamics-are the changes in volume. Changes can be immediate or gradual of time 
Texture-describes as the relationship of lines ,known as "voices" ,within a piece
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