What is the dependent clause for this sentences, what kind of clause it is. noun clause,adjective clause,adverb clause

1. his stories took place on mars,which he called Barsoom.
2. all of the women on the Barsoom were beautiful by earthly standards.
3. That this women laid eggs was merely incidental.
4. The fact that he had earthly muscles made him very powerful on Mars.
5.That he was an effective fighter worked to his benefits.
6. John Carter eventually became the warlord of Mars, the supreme ruler.
7. There he became a mighty warrior.



Which he called Barsoom-noun
by earthly standards-adjective
that this women laid eggs-adverb
that he had earthly muscles-noun
that he was an effective fighter- adjective
the supreme ruler-noun
there he became-noun or a mighty warrior-noun