Biag ni Lam-ang (Life of Lam-ang) is indeed a very great epic. This ain't the first time that I read Biag ni Lam-ang, probably when I was a grade4 student and 1st year High School and the epic is a remarkable one. I love the epic because it shows a lot of values in life and the culture of the Filipino. The values that we get in this epic, are the value of being Respectful, Lam-ang is very respectful to his mother and other people. He loves his mother so much. Another is, dertermination, this value reflects so much to Lam-ang. When he fought to the enemy of his father. Determination because he wanted to seek justice for his father, though when Lam-ang was born he wasn't able to see and touch his father because it was captured be the Igorots in the forest. He did not have an opportunity to experience the love of a father. But when knew what happened to his father, he grabbed the opportunity to revenge and avenge for his father's death. See? Lam-ang is very loving, and that is being Filipino "a family oriented".Faithfulness and Loving. Inness Kannoyan the beautiful wife of Lam-ang is very faithful to him and       Lam-ang too. Because of his love of Innes, he killed several monsters and eventually fought Sumarang, the other dedicated suitor of Innes. He showed the true meaning of love when he was tasked to get the fish rarang and he almost died just to prove his love for Innes. Bravery. Don Juan Panganiban, Lam-ang's father, fought th Igorots at the forest to defend their tribe even his life in exchange.Responsible. Namongan, Lam-ang's mother, when Don Juan was in the battle, he gave birth to Lam-ang and since that, he took over the responsibility over his husband. She stand as mother and a father. And Lam-ang grew as a loving and kind person.