If you were a judge and you are to set free one of the following prisoners who would it be?

what prisoners and desc. pls.
1.murderer with eight children
2.thief who stole your mothers wedding ring
3.convicted rapist who claims he's innocent
4.innocent man convicted of a crime but became a drug pusher while in prison


The one who was framed..
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Because many people are framed for sins they didnt commit, I think it is unjustly and unchilvarous of a superficial society.
the innocent was no longer innocent and if you will let him go he will cause trouble(hes an addict now)...
but your answer was still right
Ill go with the rapist, but before I let him go i will castrate him so he will not rape anyone again* 

p.s - this as hard actually i would go for the murderer(if self-defense)
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