Sugar is a product used in baking and other kitchen activities. It sweetens the recipe.


1. Powdered - also called confectioner's sugar, and ten times finer than granulated sugar. Commonly used as garnish dusted over cakes and cookies, or to make icing and frosting since it is easily dissolved. Because of this, it also tends to be more in tune with water, so mixing it with conrstarch is usually done to keep it dry.

2. Dark Brown Sugar - created by adding a small amount of molasses in to the granulated sugar. It has a moist texture and gives a deeper, richer color and flavor.

3. Light Brown Sugar-  just often called brown sugar it contains less molasses than Dark Brown and gives a delicate flavor. 

4. Turbinado - dry, pourable sugar and has large crystals. It also has a small hint of molasses and is processed with raw cane spun in a turbine. Often added in scones, cookies to add cruch.

5. Corn Syrup - created by combining corn starch with a special enzyme that makes sugar out of starch. This type of sugar adds moisture and smoothness to your product .

6. Maple Syrup - maple tree sap is boiled and creates this syrup. It adds moisture to cakes, cookies, and for stings.

7. Honey - has a distinct but intense sweetness.