Acrisius the kingnof argos. being warned by an oracle that the son his daughter Danae should slay him. shut her up in a brazen tower built for that end beside the sea. There no man come near her she neverthless bore a son to Jove and she and her new-born set adrift on the sea came to the island Seriphos. Thence her son grown to manhood set out to win the Gordons Head and accomplished that end by the help of Minerva. and afterwards rescued Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus, from a terrible doom, and wedded her. Coming back to Seripho he took his mother thence, and made for Argos, but by stress of weather came to Thessaly, and there, at Larissa, accomplished the prophecy, by unwittingly slaying Acrisius. In the end he founded the city of Mycenae, and died there.
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