How perception affects the behaviour

Jake and Justin are two close friends. One day they got introduced to a new woman who didn't treat them well and who seemed to be arrogant according to their own perception.

On their way Home they further reinforced the way they perceived her by discussing the matter together. For the next few weeks they both tried to avoid her as much they could.

Few weeks later Justin got introduced to a new woman who behaved the same way as the old one they knew earlier but this time the woman apologized for her behaviour at the end of the meeting and said that she had a real bad day and that's why she couldn't smile.

Justin got encouraged by her words and asked her what does she think of him and she replied telling him that he is a very interesting person.

At this point he came up with a new theory! What if the woman they met earlier had a bad day as well? What if the problem was with his perception and not with the woman!

perception affects the behavior. The information acquired from the interpretation of the senses either alters the way one usually thinks or fortifies the way one think or behave about things.