It is desired to have an open bin with a square bottom, rectangular sides and height of 3 m. if the material for the bottom costs P5.40 per square meter and for the material for the sides costs P2.40 per square meterwhat is the volume of the bin that can be constructed for P63 worth of materials? The Answer is 8.333cu.m But Please show your solution.



63=5.4(x^2) + 2.4 (x.3)4;
63=5.4(x^2) +
    =x^2 +5.33x-11.67
   by quadratic formula:
            =8.333333cum answer
please provide your drawing:
hint: a bin has a bottom of x(x) at 5.4
and a four side of x(3)]4 at 2.4

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