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A.Classify the following as element,compound,or mixture.
1.) Air
2.) Carbon
3.) Carbon Dioxide
4.) Multivitamin Tablet
5.) Pure Water
6.) Sea Water

B.Classify the following mixture as homogeneous or heterogeneous.
2.) Chicken pork 'adobo'
3.) Mayonnaise
4.) Milky Way Chocolate Bar



A. 1. Compound 2. Element 3. Compound 4. Mixture 5. Compound 6. Compound B. 1. Homo 2. Hetero 3. Homo 4. Homo
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air is not a compound it is a mixture of different gaseous materials. sea water is not also a compound it a mixture of salt and water that can be separated by evaporation.
No it can also be compound
air cannot be considered as compound so with sea water because components of these materials retain their characteristics and are not chemically bound to other components they are just mixed and considered as homogenous mixture and it is the reason that their components can be separated y physical means
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A . 1. mixture   2. element   3. compound    4. mixture    5. compound    

     5. mixture

B.    1. homogenous    2.  heterogeneous      3. homogenous    4. heterogeneous

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