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Enciclopedia ...... hahahahahahahahaha 
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Your s funny may tawag s Spanish ang ensyclopidia no......
Hndi ako nagrate syo napintod lng ng pinsan k yung rate ksi hndi nya nman to alam ako lng ang merong brainly.pH s aming dlawa ksi paki alamera ksi yun...... hndi kta ni rate dhil ginagawa mung joke ang mga itinatanong syo......
The spanish term is la inciclopedia
Lo siento! Lo siento! (p.s. I didn't google that one) I should start watching Dora again (ಥ﹏ಥ)
OK but ist didn't right marunong k p s napag-aralan k n yan..
I didn't guarantee that my answer was indeed correct. I just simply did my best to offer the possible answer. I understand that you have better knowledge in this area so no need to boast your fluency in the language (◕ᴗ◕)
By the way, what is the correct answer?
Insyclopepidia is the correct ans.