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A cup of boiling water can transfer more heat simply because it has more heat than the tap water.

If you let them sit for a while at room temperature, a cup of tap water would have little change in temperature. Meanwhile, a cup of boiling water would have huge difference in temp because it will eventually be cooler until it has the same temp as the tap water. This means that more heat energy has been released by the boiling water than the tap water.
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It depends on how you'll increase their volume. If you add boiling water to boiling water and tap water to tap water, then their temperature will not change because there will be no energy transfer between the molecules. However, if you double the volume by adding water with different temp, then their temp will change because there will be energy transfer between the molecules
Which can faster more heat,a cup of boiling water or 1basin tap water
What do you mean by faster more heat?
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for the answer of the cup boiling water........ thank you