Facebook can communicate to other people, meet new friends.
dislike: this may lead to cyber bullying, scams, and makes students addicted.

Google.. like: you can find answers here, whenever it is difficult to answer, and informations.
dislike: It can make people to be dull, and always depend on this site that they can answer the difficult questions, and not striving hard, or make their own answer.
Skype/Face Time... like: communicate to people.
dislike: this may lead to scam, by using videocall targeting the teenagers to be in cybersex scam?
Pornsites.. like: some people are fun of watching pornography because it makes them happy and solution to their lust by doing masturbation while watching videos.
dislike: it can make people addicted,especially teenagers watching pornography and in some cases teen boys starts to rape teen girls, beacuse of learning this in porn.

Brainly ( the same as google ) :)