The conflict that happen in the story of "How Odin Lost His Eye" is during the times when the people of Aesir fought with the people of Vanir. Both are very powerful but the people of Vanir are very wild. Later on, the two parties agreed to a settlement and make peace. In order to show their sincerity, they agreed to exchange hostage. Vanir gave the the rich, old Niord, the Lord of the Sea, the Ocean Wind and his children, the very beautiful Freia and his twin brother. In return, the Aesir gave Hoenir, Odin's brother together with Mimer, the wise. He has no other good choice to give but his brother, so that they may think it is advantageous to have the wise Odin's brother as a trade for their hostages. It was a wise  A DIFFICULT CHOICE FOR ODIN....
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