Part A: Converging Continental plate and Oceanic plate
When this two collide the oceanic crust undergoes the continental crust, the reason for this is because the denser oceanic crust undergoes what we call subduction process or the bending of the crust towards the mantle.

the possible geological features may form
1. ocean trenches
2. volcanic arc
3. mountain ranges

geological events
1. earthquake
2. subduction process

Part B: Convergence Of 2 Oceanic Plates
Geological features
1. trench
2. volcanic island arc
3. archipelago
4. trough

Geological events
1. earthquakes
2. tsunami
3. subduction process

Part c: Converging of 2 Continental plates
geological features
1. mountain ranges
geological events
1. shallow earthquake

What about Part B and Part C?
Part B: convergence of 2 two oceanic plates
What have you learned in that part?