Musical Contexts GCSE Music Summer Holidays Workbooks

to support existing Edexcel, OCR and AQA Specificatons

Ideal for Year 10’s valuable revision over the Summer Holidays!

Exciting learning activities covering Set Works or Sub-Strands notpreviously covered by Musical Contexts.  Pupils can access Audio Files for Listening Activities and suggested answers are given online from the Musical Contexts site.  Activities include research tasks and Listening Activities together with Learning Objectives and suggested time guidance for each activity.  Each Musical Contexts GCSE Music Summer Holidays Workbook begins with an invaluable “Getting to know the course” comprehension to familiarise pupils with the GCSE Music specification for their exam board and includes an innovative “My Own Instrument Facebook Profile” research taskavailable in .pdf and customisable .doc formats.  For more information on theMusical Contexts GCSE Music Summer Holidays Workbooks, click on the links below.