Your classmates are going to a party this weekend.This is the first time that you are asked to attend by a friend but then you discern that your parents will not approve it.You don't want to make your friends angry by not going,but you also don't want to get in trouble with your parents determine what decision you should make?



In my situation , I will say to my friends that Im not pretty sure that I will attend to their party . Or I will ask my parents if im going to go there . but if my parents did'nt allow me to go there so I will call to my friends that I will not attend to their party .
Ahm just explain with ur friends that ur parents not approved u to go to the party maybe ur parents dont like that u get hurt or something happen to u.... they want  to protect there children or child......they just take her of u.......u just tell ur friends that maybe next time..... i hope i can help to this answer....