Q38. What geologic feature do you think will be formed at the surface of thecrust?Answer: Volcanoes will be formed.Q39. Which of the features at the surface of the crust will be the oldest? theyoungest? Label these on your paper.Answer: The oldest volcano will be the first one that developed while theyoungest volcano is the last one that was formed.Q40. Which of the features will be the most active? The least active? Labelthese on your paper.Answer: The most active volcano is the youngest one (the one that iscurrently on top of the magma source). While the least activevolcano, is the oldest (because it is already cut-off from the source ofmagma).
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Where is Q36 and 37
Answers to questions
Q36. What can you see on the surface of the paper?
Answer: The surface of the paper which is directly in contact with the test tube
became wet.
Q37. Let’s say that the paper represents the Earth’s crust; what do you think is
represented by the water in the test tube?
Answer: Magma from the mantle is represented by the water in the test tube.
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