For many of us, home is a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Hence, we spend a lot of time and money putting together a place that suits our recreation needs. While furniture and fittings play a big part in your home design, lighting up a room can largely affect the overall look and feel of your home. Good lighting will complement and complete the effect you are seeking, but it’s important to remember that bright lighting is not always good lighting.

Cleaning the Windows

For those who stay on high levels, this is a task with heavy risk. Most foreign domestic workers are taught by housewives to clean the windows using a traditional method –newspapers. They usually sit on the window ledge when they’re doing so, causing a lot of unnecessary risk.Safety Solution: A magnetic window cleaner that locks the two sides together through the glass so that when one side moves, the other side follows. So while you’re cleaning the inside of the windows, the outside gets cleaned too.
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