1. King Acrisius cant have a son but a grandson and by his grandson's hand King Acrisius will die.
2. Cut off Medusa's head
3.When Perseus try to kill Medusa
When Phineas and Perseus fight.
When Perseus fight the monster to save Andromeda.
4. When Perseus turn to throw the discus and it landed on King Acrisius.
5.Because King Polydectes hate Perseus and he want him to die on his adventure.
6.The Gorgon's head is beneficial to Perrseus because his enemy can turn to stone or became a statue.
7.Perseus is a brave hero.
8.When Athena helps him. And when Hermes gave the sword to Perseus and told him to go to the Gray Women and get the wonged shoes, helmet and magic wallet.
9. When he save the life of his wife named Andromeda and when he save the life of the townspeople and when he killed Medusa.
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