"Personal challenges help one become a better person.Recognizing these challenges would help one become better prepared for life"
1.My journey through this lesson enabled me to learn____________
2. It made me realize that______________
3. I, therefore,commit to.______________
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1) how to overcome my challenges in life 2) i should not give up no matter what happen. Faith in God will help us. 3) Be strong and faithful :)
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It really help to me, thank you so much
1. In this lesson, I  will be motivated to be a strong person in every moment of my life. Challenges should be accepted in order to show if this can enhance my capability as a better individual.

2.It made me realize that,Accept the challenges in your life, do it in able to be successful and be a better person.Nevertheless, overcoming this circumstances can effectively enhance my capability and improve my self-esteem as an independent one.

3. I, therefore, commit to be strong in dealing circumstances in life and dont give up no matter what happen because God is always in our side and watching out for us. and last thing , have faith in God.

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