1. The Hands of the Blacks Luis Bernardo Honwana2. Unfamiliar Word Meaning Strategy Used to Learn its Meaning3. Strategies to help improve vocabulary Context Clues- learning the meaning of words from the contest of your reading material. Word Structure- analyzing the word’s structure and properties is a vocabulary strategy that you can use to figure out the word’s meaning.4. Visual-Aural Association- you think of a word that either looks like or sounds like the word whose meaning you are trying to learn. Dictionary- to look up new words as you encounter them.5. Character Senhor Antunes Book Author Senhor Frias Doña Estifania Narrator’s Mother Explanation Possible Experience/s with Africans that Led Him/ Her to Give Such Explanation6. -Folktales and Speech or Song Hope for Continent’s Independent future African Literature “Oral Tradition” Strong influence on modern African Literature Fables -Epic histories and Narration -Proverbs or sayings Help people make sense of the world Important Aspects of their culture, and guide social and human morals