You can't really force someone to love you or to love another because that's the thing in Falling in love. It's falling without knowing and it's exciting. You may be broken, yes, but that's its thing. If you force yourself too much, you'll end up getting buttered up and torn. And if you force them to love you back, it might not be called love anymore. It is certainly a game. A game where you might end up losing. I prefer to wait for someone who truly deserves my existence and my being. Because the real definition of true love? It means waiting patiently for the right person :)

I hope my answer helps!  
Haha. Simple lang noh? Well, am so impress with your answer. Maraming Salamat! :)
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Sorry po pero wala na po akong FB. Hehe. I deactivated it po kasi. Pero pwede naman tayong maging friends? Haha! :D
Pero try ko na lang :)
Haha. sige.