Can you PLEASE let us Understand MORE about this lesson? --> Factors of Quadratic Trinomials. Please, I really really beg you. I badly want to learn MORE about that lesson because I didn't listen too well to our teacher in Mathematics because I was busy writing and copying what's on the board that's why I didn't concentrate that MUCH to the lesson. Kamsahamnida, Arigato, Grazie, Merci, Thank You, and Salamat! ^_^ Sobra-Sobra! ^_^ ♡♡♡



Did you mean factoring of quadratic trinomials???
if the question is that i give you example see below this. For example the given is x²+8x+16 the factor of this is (x+4)(x+4). How i can get focus on the last term see if what is the factor of that,if 16(1) it cant be, because if you add 16 and 1 the answer is 17...if 2(8) it cant be again because if you add the answer is 10...So try 4(4) the answer is 16 and if you add the answer is 8 see the middle term if check....
Perfect Square Trinomials are the square of binomials. It's first term and last term are perfect square. The middle term is the product of the square of the first and the last term multiply by 2.