Six partsFunctionsBrain StemBreathingHeart RateSwallowingReflexes for seeing and hearingControls sweating, blood pressure, digestion, temperatureAffects level of alertnessAbility to sleepSense of balanceCerebellumCoordination of voluntary movementBalance and equilibriumSome memory for reflex motor actsFrontal LobeHow we know what we are doing within our environmentHow we initiate activity in response to our environmentJudgments we make about what occurs in our daily activitiesControls our emotional responseControls our expressive languageAssigns meaning to the words we chooseInvolves word associationsMemory for habits and motor activitiesFlexibility of thought, planning and organizingUnderstanding abstract conceptsReasoning and problem solvingParietal LobeVisual attentionTouch perceptionGoal directed voluntary movementsManipulation of objectsIntegration of different sensesOccipital LobesVisionTemporal LobesHearing abilityMemory aquisitionSome visual perceptions such as face recognition and object identificationCategorization of objectsUnderstanding or processing verbal informationEmotion