Standard Toolbar
It contains buttons for common functions. It is used as a shortcut icon for frequently use commands such as saving, undoing actions, or zooming.
Formatting Toolbar
It contains buttons for common text formatting options. It is used for formatting text and such as changing font face, size, alignment and line spacing
Objects Toolbar
This toolbar provides quick access to insert object actions. It allows you to insert text boxes, tables, and shape in your workspace.
Format Publication Task Pane
Provides quick access to many publisher operations. These panes let you quickly perform searches, open or start a new document, view the contents of a clipboard (where you have copied or imported text or graphics), or format documents and presentations.
Page Boundary
Represents the edges of the paper. It indicates whether part of the layout is included or not when printing.
Page Margin
This part indicates that text and graphics are to be placed inside the blue dotted lines only.
A tool to help the user to measure the length of textboxes, images, and other objects relative to how they will appear in print. Used to accurately place objects and text, and when setting tabs.
Page Icons
Indicate which page is currently selected. Display how many pages the publication contains. Use to toggle from one page to another page.
Adds a bookmark to the location you desire. It allows the user to link or refer to a specific location in a publication.
A storage area for items that you use frequently in your publication