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Age Problem:

1) Alden is 5 years older than Maine.  In 5 years, the total of their ages is 57.  Find the present ages of Maine and Alden.

2)  Pauline is 30 years older than Vic.  If the sum of their ages is 86, find the ages of the couple.

Work Problem:

1)James can finish painting a bachelor room in 3 days, while Enrique can finish it in 4 days. Together, how long will it take the two heartthrobs to finish painting the same bachelor room?

2) Nadine can finish a quilt in 10 days, but working together with Liz to finish the same quilt takes only 8 days.  How long does it takes Liz to finish the job alone?

Geometry Problem:

1) The area of a square garden is 144 feet.  What is the length of each side?

2)The length of a rectangular office is 6 meter more than its width.  If the perimeter is 120 meters, what are the dimensions of the office?

Number Problem:

1) The sum of three consecutive positive even numbers is 400.  Find the numbers.

2)  The sum of three positive integers is 158.  The second number is twice the first number, and the third number is 4 more than the second number. Find the numbers.