Developing a regular practice of acknowledging yourself supports you in a few ways:


1. It helps you identify what it is you really need to hear to feel complete, worthy and valuable.


2. It helps you define your areas of genius, talent and strength by regularly bringing those strengths to your awareness.


3. It helps you boost your self-esteem instantly instead of relying on others (who may not have the same urgency to give you what you need or availability to do so when you need it), thus ensuring that your self-esteem and confidence are not dependent on anything or anyone other than you.


4. It gives you clarity on how you can teach others how you wish to be treated and acknowledged. Sometimes when others acknowledge us they do so in a way that makes sense to them but it may not fully land for you, because it wasn’t delivered in a specific way. Knowing yourself this intimately allows you to give clear directive feedback when you really need to hear something a specific way.


5. It releases your attachment to needing other people’s acknowledgements of you to sound a certain way. Adding onto the point above, when you acknowledge yourself first, you have already received EXACTLY what you need to hear, and anything additional to it is bonus. When this becomes our relationship to receiving the appreciations others wish to send our way, we can see their words from a place of pure intention, kindness and loving support- which is the underlying intention of anyone who is giving you recognition, appreciation and acknowledgement.


Knowing that this is a muscle we must build to boost our self-esteem and confidence from the inside out is one thing, actually doing it is another. Understanding how to actually give yourself acknowledgement is key to taking the action.