As another person living on the same planet, we should never judge a person by its race, color of their skin, gender and their status of life. Just because he is black, you can do injustice things to him ( refer to the recent news in the USA), just because she lives in a third world country, you can stomp over her, and just because she is a woman, she is weak.

We are living in a world that is blinded with racism, greed and envy. How could people not notice about the sufferings of others? How could we judge other so easily, not knowing what they had gone through? We prioritize our comforts before others even though we know what they had lost, feel and their pains.

I, as a student and as a human being living on the same soil, same sky and same planet with those living in injustice, hope and pray for a better tomorrow for you. 

Well, that's just my comment about the I am an African child .