Hey guys! I need some help. Can you help me solve this problem? I was really confuse. This is about Rational Functions.

1. The manufacturer of wristwatches spent 10 Million Pesos to develop and produce a plastic wristwatch for teenagers to be sold at 500 pesos each. If the cost of producing wristwatch is 360 pesos, determine the the rational function that will yield the average cost of producing x wristwatches. Determine the average cost per wristwatch for producing a) 40,000 wristwatches; and b) 10,000,000 wristwatches

2. A drug manufacturer spent 25 million pesos to develop a powerful tablet for colds and fever and 10.50 pesos each to make each tablet. Determine the rational function to produce the average cost per tablet when x tablets are produced. What is the average cost per tablet when 10,000,000 tablets are produced? For how many tablets is the average cost 7 pesos each?



My answer will be thisĀ 
1) a
2) 375

Thanks. But... Can you explain it?
you need to divide those use quadratic equation and simplify it ...