As a writer of an essay, first thing is you have to write your introduction, then moving on to the body, and lastly the conclusion which is the answer of your problem that you have given in the body....and it must be also realated to your introduction but dont forget the margins dear!.. ;)
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Pls help me because tomorrow morning I will submit this essay...
Oh dear, you better do it in your own and take it as a challenge to your self, why dont you make some research about that topic??? good luck!... ;)
I can't found about my topic??
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sure a pleasure.. :) there will be no related topic that you can be found in google about that, but try o search about babies since it is really the point of that essay, why do they need breastfeeding and more!...
In addition to the other answer, it is also important to keep your readers interested in your content. Avoid using unecessary sentences and use direct and clear statements. Be creative and do enough research about the subject. Take your time and proof read your work. Check your spelling and grammar. Good luck! (◕︿◕)ง
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your right!...
Thank you! (◕◡◕)
What do you mean?
What I mean is that, make sure that your content will not be boring and easy to predict. Make it creative but also watch out for your spellings and grammar.
OK thanks for the help