A class of students.An army of soldiers.A choir of singers.A crew of sailors.A band of musicians.A bunch of crooks.A crowd of people/spectators.A gang of thieves.A group of dancers.A team of players.A troupe of artists/dancers.A pack of thieves.A staff of employees.A regiment of soldiers.A tribe of natives.An audience of listeners.A panel of experts.A gang of labourers.A flock of tourists.A board of directors.
am i right?
section 2 has an activity group in july 27 2014
collective nouns are nouns that groups a person and animal
 A collective noun is a noun naming a group of things, animals, or persons 
A collective noun may agree grammatically with the verb either as a singular noun or as a plural noun and take either a singular or plural ..
 ex .. a  box of chocolates