SUMMARY OF STEPS TO FACTOR QUADRATIC TRINOMIALS1.      Remove Common Factors if possible2.      If the coefficient of the x2 term is 1, then 

x2 + bx + c = (x + n)(x + m), where n and m

·         Multiply to give c

·         Add to give b

3.      If the coefficient of the x^2 term is not 1, then use either1.      Guess-and Check

1.     List the factors of the coefficient of the x2 term

2.     List the factors of the constant term

3.     Test all the possible binomials you can make from these factors

2.      Factoring by Grouping

1.      Find the product ac

2.      Find two factors of ac that add to give b

3.      Split the middle term into two terms, using the numbers found in step

4.      Group the four terms into two pairs

5.      Factor out the common binomial