Orpheus was a son of one of the Muses. Her mother specialize in the field of music, thus bestowing Orpheus the gift of Music. His ability to entice and charm everything and everyone was an extraordinary gift. At the time when he had met the love of his life named Eurydice, an unfortunate event happened that cause Eurydice's life cut short. Becaues of this, the lonely Orpheus can't move on from the grief and longing for Eurydice, hence he looked for ways to be reunited with her once again. An idea came to him to go to the underworld. During this time, Orpheus plan to get Eurydice was going smoothly because of his talent at music that charms everyone who listens to it. Through his music, Hades and Persephone was moved by the sincerity and his love for Eurydice. Thus letting Orpheus take Eurydice back again with him but on one condition, he should not look back at Eurydice in going back to the living. But due to an another unfortunate event, Orpheus looked back at Eurydice to make sure if she was on his tail, because of this Eurydice was dragged back towards the underworld leaving Orpheus alone again.