Humans are complex creatures, whose identities include gender, religion, race, age, geographical orientation and ethnic or cultural identification. In fact, many Americans are currently living multicultural lives in the 21st century. The Asia Society asserts that by the middle of the century, there will not be a single racial majority in America. Maintaining your cultural identity and values in a changing and multicultural world requires both awareness and effort.
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Maintaining cultural identity is the act of synchronizing with everyone, and
denouncing what goes outside the norm. It is being social and trendy, and being friends with everyone except the smelly people. This is probably contrary to the current definition of culture, but this is because culture is a dying concept and is slowly being redefined to adapt the broken barriers of medieval social interaction.

Culture is what is seen on the daily feeds on facebook or twitter. Culture is the top 10 prevailing memes for the last month. So maintaining culture does not need any deviation from the usual course of actions. To maintain culture is to continue selling our soul to the corporation who will reward us with faux self-importance.