1. Perseus, hearing of them, decided to go there and take part. (Sense of hearing)
2. He looked from the King to Perseus, undecided at which to aim his weapon. (Sense of sight)
3. He heard Athena's voice. (Sense of hearing)
4. Dictys saw the chest bobbing on the waves. (Sense of sight)
5. He beheld the pitiful mother with the helpless little child. (Sense of touch)
6. He dragged the box to land and opened it. (Sense of touch)
7. He could see scattered statues of men and beasts. (Sense of sight)
8. He saw a sight that made his heart beat fast with excitement and wonder. (Sense of sight)
9. The sound of lyres and pipes and singing was heard. (Sense of hearing)
10. Seeing the youth's shadow upon the sea, the monster attacked in fury. (Sense of sight)
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