X is equals to 7

i used trial and error though.
797 is not divisible by 7
7x97 is divisible by 7
if i misunderstood the question and ur asking for the first digit...then 4 is the answer
Yes, the inquiry requires the first digit. There's a divisibility rule for 7. Trial and error will be only convenient for fewer digits, :-)

              \frac{96k}{96} =  \frac{7}{96}
             k=  \frac{7}{96}
Yes, Janeric2001 :-)
Do you speak tagalog MomGie? :/
Yes. But it takes time sometimes before I could express my thoughts in Tagalog fluently. Sorry, but I'd rather explain Math rules in English, and I hope you don't take this as arrogance. Please? :-)
I was just asking you know. Hihihi
Thanks. Now, I have to moderate the answers. Sorry, both answers are incorrect. But this does not mean you're not smart.