Assuming that the number of participants continues to increase in the same manner, make a table representing the number of participants from day 1 of the talk until day 5

You failed to include the number of participants on first day, and how much increase, either explicit or the rate. The answers will only be assumption but if explained well, you can use as guide.
No MomGie, this question is on a book named Mathematics Learner Module for Grade 10 Learners like me. You can see it on page 23 i think.
Yes, it's in the module, but for non-Grade 10, the question is vague. So, I recommend you answer if the lesson involves linear sequence (a type of arithmetic sequence). Welcome back to brainly, by the way :-)


I already know that this question you gave is on a book. Which is meron ako, same tayo ng grade xD So,

                 Day =      1         2          3           4         5
       Students   =     20      30        40         50       60